{"Results":[{"t":1510619444,"f":"0540768","c":"DIVINATION. Magician disembowelling a goat, and another magician raising demons from within a protective circle. Hand-coloured woodcut from Petrach's 'De Remediss Utriusque Fortunae' \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619444,"f":"0540771","c":"DIVINATION - PYROMANCY. Divination by means of flames. This is among the oldest forms of divination, and is said to be manipulated by spirits who control the movements of the flames \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619444,"f":"0540767","c":"DIVINATION - PYROMANCY. Woman practising pyromancy - reading future or making clairvoyant predictions, from the flames on a ritual altar \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619444,"f":"0540772","c":"DIVINATION - ANNE BODENHAM. The witch, Anne Bodenham, divining the future with the aid of a cat, a dog and five demons, from nathanial Crouich's 'Kingdom of Darkness', 1688 \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619443,"f":"0540774","c":"DEATH - FESTIVAL OF THE DEAD. Model of a dressed female skeleton, made to celebrate the important Festival of the Dead in Mexico. photographed at Oaxaco \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619443,"f":"0540777","c":"EASTER ISLAND - One of the upright giant statues near the ancient volcanic quarry on Easter Island \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619443,"f":"0540775","c":"DIVINATION. Collection of paraphernalia used in various forms of divination - crystals, palmistry, Tarot cards, I Ching, etc \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619443,"f":"0540779","c":"EASTER ISLAND - Upright giant statues near the ancient volcanic quarry on Easter Island \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619443,"f":"0540773","c":"DEATH - AFTER DEATH EXPERIENCE. The tunnel of light, which those who have died and returned to embodiment report as a direct experience of the post-mortem state \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619443,"f":"0540778","c":"EASTER ISLAND - One of the upright giant statues near the ancient volcanic quarry on Easter Island \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619443,"f":"0540781","c":"DIVINATION - PYROMANCY. Divinatin by means of flames. This is among the oldest forms of divination, and is said to be manipulated by spirits who control the movements of the flames \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619443,"f":"0540776","c":"EASTER ISLAND - One of the upright giant statues near the ancient volcanic quarry on Easter Island \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619442,"f":"0540783","c":"EASTER ISLAND - One of the upright giant statues near the ancient volcanic quarry on Easter Island, facing in towads the centre of the island \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619442,"f":"0540790","c":"EASTER ISLAND - One of the upright giant statues near the ancient volcanic quarry on Easter Island \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619442,"f":"0540786","c":"DEATH - TUNNEL OF LIGHT. Representation of the Tunnel of Light experienced by the human soul on the Astral Plane shortly after death \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619442,"f":"0540782","c":"DIVINATION - Pyromancy. Divination be means of flames \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619442,"f":"0540789","c":"EASTER ISLAND - One of the upright giant statues near the ancient volcanic quarry on Easter Island \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619441,"f":"0540801","c":"MONSTERS. The pig-headed lady. \u00a340,000 offered to any man of quality who would marry her. No takers. From Fairburn, 1815 \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619441,"f":"0540795","c":"EASTER ISLAND - One of the upright giant statues near the ancient volcanic quarry on Easter Island \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619441,"f":"0540798","c":"STRANGE PHENOMENA. 'I found myself in a perfect fleet of these beautifully coloured creatures.' Illustration from Weird Tales, December 1947 \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619441,"f":"0540800","c":"MONSTERS. Zombie by Virgil Finlay (hand-coloured version from Fantastic Novels of January 1951) \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619441,"f":"0540794","c":"EASTER ISLAND - One of the upright giant statues near the ancient volcanic quarry on Easter Island \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619441,"f":"0540792","c":"EASTER ISLAND - One of the upright giant statues near the ancient volcanic quarry on Easter Island \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619440,"f":"0540810","c":"AERIAL BRITAIN. The Cherhill Horse, said to have been cut in 1780 by Dr Alsop of Caine. Indications are that he was merely recutting an ancient figure \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619440,"f":"0540805","c":"ASTROLOGY. Zodiacal signs Aries and Pisces from the zodiacal window of Chartres Cathedral, France \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619440,"f":"0540809","c":"ALCHEMY. Alchemists collecting dew. Plate 4 from the anonymous Mutus Liber f 1702 \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619440,"f":"0540807","c":"GREEN MAN. Green man on a boss in the cloister ceiling of Norwich Cathedral. 14th century. Carved by John Watlington and Bruce the Dutchman \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619440,"f":"0540804","c":"MONSTERS. One of the monocular giants encountered by Sinbad on his Third Voyage. Illustration by Ford to Lang, Arabian Nights Entertainments, 1905 \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619440,"f":"0540806","c":"ASTROLOGY. Bronze sculpture of statue of Prometheus by Paul Manship, in Lowser Plaza of the Rockefeller Building, New York. Zodiacal signs and sigils are picked out in relief \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619440,"f":"0540803","c":"DRAGONS. Chinese Dragon, embrodered on the back of robe from Imperial Court of 19th century \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619439,"f":"0540817","c":"CHAKRAS - BASAL CHAKRA. The basal or Muladhara chakra, with four petals situated below genitals. Specially commissioned artwork by Meraylah Allwood \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619439,"f":"0540819","c":"CHAKRAS - AJNA. Representation of the Ajna, the twin-lobed chakra located at the region just above the centre between the eyes. Artwork by Meraylah Allwood, commissioned by Charles Walker \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619439,"f":"0540816","c":"EGYPTIAN MYTH - WEIGHING OF HEART.\r\nThe ritual of 'Psychostasia' the weighing of the soul of the deceased. The jackal-headed \/anubis examines the balance: opposite is the monster Amemit, the Devourer. From the Hunefer papyrys. From Budge edition of Egyptian Book of the Dead, c. 1500 BC \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619439,"f":"0540814","c":"AERIAL BRITAIN. Corn circle in the shape of a giant eye, encircled by white circular band. photographed from helicopter, above Huish Ridge, north-west of Pewsey. Photographed on 5 August 1994 \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619439,"f":"0540818","c":"CHAKRAS - CROWN CENTRE The Crown Chakra, or Lotus Chakra, the Sahasraraa-Padma of the orientals. it is said to have petals of limitless numbers,uncondtioned by space. Situated at the crown of the head. Artwork commissioned by Charles Walker \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619439,"f":"0540815","c":"EGYPTIAN MYTH - The crocodile god, Sebek. Karnak Museum \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619438,"f":"0540825","c":"CHAKRAS - ANAHATA OR HEART CHAKRA. The Anahata or Heart Chakra, the chakra of the twelve letters beginning with Ka, the colour of vermillion. Artwork by Meraylay Allwood \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619438,"f":"0540826","c":"WITCHCRAFT. Witch wearing Goat of Mendes head-dress, and holding a human skull \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619438,"f":"0540820","c":"CHAKRAS - VISUDDHA. The Visuddha, or Throat Chakra, with its sixteen petals. After a painting by Meraylah Allwood, commissioned by Charles Walker \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619438,"f":"0540828","c":"TAROT - CROWLEY DEC K. Cartomancer using the deck associated with Crowley - the so-called Book of Thoth \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619438,"f":"0540822","c":"CHAKRAS - SPINAL CHAKRA. The spinal, or Svadhisthana chakra, with six petals, situated above genitals. Specially commissioned artwork by Meraylah Allwood \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619437,"f":"0540833","c":"SNAKE CHARMERS. Sri Lankan snake charmer, playing flute for 'dancing'cobra \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619437,"f":"0540830","c":"CHI LINES. Chi lines, marked out on the human body, as an acupuncture chart. Photographed in a Hong Kong clinic \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619437,"f":"0540829","c":"CHI LINES. Chi lines, marked out on the human body, as an acupuncture chart. Photographed in a Hong Kong clinic \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619437,"f":"0540836","c":"CHAKRAS. The subtle body, as viewed by the ancient occultists. The ajna, or space between the eyes, is visualised as a dual polarity. The development of this chakra is essential to the practice of magic \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619437,"f":"0540837","c":"CORN CIRCLES. Concentrics, with outer circle equally cut by reversed F forms, something in the form of a widdershins Swastika. The whole resembles a medieval planetary seal. In region of the Hackpen Hill, on the Marlborough Downs. Photographed on 5 August 1994 \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619437,"f":"0540832","c":"DRAGONS. Head of guardian dragon, alongside an image of Buddha, in the Temple of the Ten Thousand Buddhas, Shatin \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619436,"f":"0540839","c":"CORN CIRCLES. corn circle as swirled nebulae, with several small circles inside the large circle. Below the Huish Ridge, north west of Pewsey. Photographed on 5 August 1994 *** Local Caption *** rescan available on request \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619436,"f":"0540838","c":"CHAKRAS. Navel Chakra, or Manipura, withh its 10 petals, said to govern sight, and the Tejas. Situated n the spinal region of the navel. Artwork specially commissioned by Charles Walker \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619436,"f":"0540843","c":"CHRISTIAN - VIRGIN AND CHILD. The 12th century stained glass image of the Virgin and Child - 'Notre Dame de la Belle Verriere' the most famous stained glass in in Chartres cathedral \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619436,"f":"0540842","c":"LEVITATION - Fakir levitating another fakir. The illusion is made up from photographs taken in Kathmandu, Nepal \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619436,"f":"0540841","c":"HOLY MEN. Holy man (sadhu) devotee of Siva, in the temple precinct of the Swayanbhunath, Kathmandu, Ne \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619436,"f":"0540840","c":"GREEK ISLANDS - DELOS. Phallic statuary (linked with Hermes) on the Sacred Way at Delos \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619435,"f":"0540851","c":"FENG SHUI. Chinese diviner using the geomancer compass, the Lo Pan, to determine directions and distances \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619435,"f":"0540850","c":"FANTASY - Four dice falling in front of a cosmic background \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619435,"f":"0540845","c":"FANTASY - FEAR. A girl screaming into a broken mirror \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619435,"f":"0540852","c":"FANTASY. Embryo floating in the planetary spheres, prior to descending into incarnate life \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619435,"f":"0540849","c":"HONG KONG. The Bank of China, seen from a pedestrian's overpass. The banbk was supposedly designed according to traditional Feng Shui methods \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619434,"f":"0540859","c":"FANTASY - CREATION. Art fantasy, based on the combination of the famous geometric man of Leonardo da Vinci, and the creative hand of God, by Michelangelo. Both are high-quality artwork copies, combined photographically \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619434,"f":"0540863","c":"TAROT CARDS - JUSTICE TO THE DEVIL. Second batch (of three) of all 22 picture cards of the Tarot atout - an English version of the Marseilles deck, designed in 1979 for the Charles Walker Collection. Card 11 (the Justice) to card 15 (The Devil) \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619434,"f":"0540856","c":"FENG SHUI - GEOMANTIC COMPASS. The Lo Pan, or Geomantic compass, made in the Chines manner by the Feng Shui master, Koon Lung \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619434,"f":"0540861","c":"GREEK ISLANDS - DELOS. Archaic Naxian lions alongside road leading to the Temple of Jupiter on Delos \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619434,"f":"0540858","c":"WITCHCRAFT - BASQUE WITCHES. Hand-coloured print after Jose de la Pena, based on the painting in the Witchcraft section of the Basque Museum in Bayonne. The image is based on the trial records of de Lancre \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619434,"f":"0540857","c":"EXORCISM. Priest holding a crucifix to the mouth of a girl possessed by a demon, in the act of exorcism \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619434,"f":"0540862","c":"TAROT CARDS - FOOL TO CHARIOT\r\nFirst batch (of three) of all 22 picture cards of the Tarot atout - an English version of the Marseilles deck, designed in 1979 for the Charles Walker Collection. The zero card (The Fool) to card 7 (The Chariot) \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619433,"f":"0540872","c":"I CHING. Practitioner (diviner) of the I Ching, using sticks, in a private diviner's office in Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619433,"f":"0540871","c":"WITCHCRAFT - ANTON SZANDOR LA VEY. Various witchcraft objects, including a sigilized candle, with portrait of Anton La Vey, of the First Church of Satan, San Francisco \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619433,"f":"0540875","c":"ANIMALS - WOLF. Illustrtion by Frank Kelly Freas to the story 'The Werewolf of Ponkert' by H Warner Munn, in the January 1953 edition of Weird Tales. The illustration is uniquely hand-crafted in the CW edition of the Magazine \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619432,"f":"0540885","c":"OBSERVATORIES. The Observatory, or Jantar Mantar, in Delhi (built circa 1783). General view with the Armillary Sphere (Ja Prakash Yantra) in the foreground \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619431,"f":"0540889","c":"ALCHEMY - Atlas and Celestial Globe. Image of Atlas carrying the stellar globe. From the German edition (1603) of Basil Valentine's 'Occulta Philosophia' \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619431,"f":"0540896","c":"MASKS. Masked girl and model \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619431,"f":"0540887","c":"MORMONS. The Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City, shortly after sunset. This is the official centre of Mormonism in the United States \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619431,"f":"0540894","c":"CHINESE MYTHOLOGY - EIGHT IMMORTALS. Nineteenth century Chinese painted tile portraying the Pa Hsien, or Eight Immortals, each with their traditional attributes. Private collection, England\r\n\r\nTaoism - the Taoist 'Eight Immortals (Pa Hsien). Mid-19th century Chinese tile, from a screen \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619431,"f":"0540892","c":"MONSTERS. Life-size model of the head of Dr Frankenstein's ever-popular monster, created by injecting the electric life force into bones and tissues. the model is in a priate collection, but permission for exclusive use has been granted to CW \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619431,"f":"0540893","c":"TIBETAN MYTHOLOGY. Tibetan Wheel of Life. The demon Mara displaying the six-segmented Wheel of Life, on tanka of traditional design \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619431,"f":"0540886","c":"JOAN OF ARC. Joan prepared for the pyre. Stained glass window from the small church in Joan's native village of Domremy, in France \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619430,"f":"0540901","c":"BLACK VIRGINS - GUADALUPE. the radiant image of the Black Virgin of Guadalupe at Villa Guadalupe, Mexico City. The virgin is said to have appeared four times to Juan Diego, in 1531. Annual ceremonial of Las Mananitas, on 12 December \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619430,"f":"0540909","c":"DRAGONS - CHINESE DRAGONS. Semi-relief Dragons painted on a wall in Haw Par Villa, Singapore \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619430,"f":"0540906","c":"UNICORN. Unicorn (survival of the British coat of arms) on the Old State Building in Boston, Massachusetts, USA \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619430,"f":"0540905","c":"TAROT CARDS. Hand hovering over a display of tarot cards (the so-called Rider-Waite deck) \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619430,"f":"0540922","c":"ZODIACS - BRACKEN HOUSE ZODIAC. The modern zodiacal clock on the facade of Bracken House, Cannon Street, London. Installed in 1959 to the design of Thwaites and Reed \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619430,"f":"0540904","c":"NEPAL. Detail of the famous pair of eyes, arising from the Tibetan numeral 'one'. On the Swayaanbhunath temple, Kathmandu, Nepal \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619430,"f":"0540902","c":"BLACK VIRGINS - SAN CUGAT DEL VALLES. The Black Virgin in the Monastic church of San Cugat del Valles (near Barcelona, Spain). This is a copy of the one in Montserrat \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619430,"f":"0540898","c":"GLASTONBURY. The remains of St Michael's on the Tor of Glastonbury, seen from the air \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619430,"f":"0540908","c":"ZODIACS. The medieval cosmoconception, with God and his nine hierarchies looking down on to the world in the centre of the Ptolemaic spheres, ringed by the zodiac. From the 1560 woodcut in 'Atlas Coelestis seu Harmonia Macrocosmica' \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619430,"f":"0540899","c":"TAROT - MARSEILLES DECK. The 22 major atout, or picture cards, of the Tarot. Marseilles design of mid 19th century, re-designed with legends in English \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619430,"f":"0540903","c":"TAROT - MAJOR ARCANA. A deck of Major Arcana from the Waite pack, falling through the air in front of a cartomancer \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619429,"f":"0540925","c":"ASTRAL AURA. The radiant coloured aura, as seen by clairvoyants, around the human body. Lithographic plate from A. Marques, The Human Aura, 1896 \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619429,"f":"0540928","c":"RELICS - HOLY BLOOD RELIC. Scenes from the history of the holy relic of the Blood of Christ. Baldwin II of Jerusalem handing the relic to the Chapel. Hiding the blood in 1578. Stained glass in the chapel of the Holy Blood, in Bruges \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619429,"f":"0540927","c":"DEMONS. Statue of Perseus holding up the severed head of the Gorgon Medusa. In mythology, Perseus kills the Medusa in order to save Andromeda. In the stellar mythology, the head of Medusa is linked with the most evil star in the skies - Algol \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619424,"f":"0540988","c":"ALCHEMY - UNIVERSAL SPIRIT. The Universal Spirit, or Anima Mundi, emerging from a composite of Alchemical sigils. Coloured engraving from Ebenezer Sibly's A Complete Illustration of the Occult Arts, 1790 edition \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619417,"f":"0541080","c":"ALCHEMY - ANDROGYNE AND DRAGON. A general image incorporating symbols of the most important aspects of alchemical theory - the bi-sexual, the lunar dragon, the symbols for the planets, the masonic rule. Sixteenth century print \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619416,"f":"0541067","c":"ALCHEMY - Diana of Ephesus as part of the athanor or furnace - an indication of the link between the ancients and alchemy. Coloured frontispiece from Urbanus Hierne, Actorum chymicorum homiensium, 1712 \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619416,"f":"0541070","c":"ALCHEMY - PUTREFACTION. Alchemical device of woman holding shield bearing a Crow, alchemical symbol of Putrefation. Thirteenth century relief on facade of Notre Dame, Paris \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619414,"f":"0541092","c":"DRACULA - Miniature portrait of Dracula, by James Thornhill (all rights with CW). This portrait is based on the anonymous 15th century likeness, formerly in the possession of Ferdinand II at Castle Ambras \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619398,"f":"0541348","c":"WITCHCRAFT - Witch transvecting - engraving from the 1864 edition of de Plancy's 'Dictionnaire Infernal'. \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619398,"f":"0541349","c":"WITCHCRAFT - Anne Bodenham. The so-called witch, Anne Bodenham, divining the future with the aid of demons. Illustration (woodcut) from Nathaneil Crouch, 'Kingdom of Darkness', 1688 \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619396,"f":"0541369","c":"WITCHCRAFT - Ritual instruments for a witch festival or 'mass' - skull, candles, grimoire, rod and sword \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619394,"f":"0541653","c":"DEMONS - AZUEREL. Image of the manifestation of Azuerel, along with a pair of his characters, from the Schnabel 'Faustbuch' of circa 1860 \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true},{"t":1510619394,"f":"0541654","c":"DEMONS - MINOTAUR\r\nThe Greek hero Theseus killing the monstrous bull-man, the Minotaur. After a Greek vase painting of the 6th century \/ Charles Walker \/ TopFoto.co.uk","BuyPrint":true,"OnlineLicensing":true}]}